Technical Rider (Theaters)


Minimum Technical Requirements (Other Venues)

Thanks to a large repertoire of comedic sketches and vignettes, SNAFU! can adapt to many different locations and venues.  The following minimum technical requirements are suggested to insure an optimal experience for the audience.

– Minimum performing area 16′ deep by 24′ wide.
– Basic stage wash.
– Dressing rooms or private preparation area.
– Load-in / Set-up Time:  2 Hours Minimum
– Load-out / Pack-up Time:  1.5 Hours Minimum
– Stereo audio-in connection backstage and electrical outlet.  (If no sound system is available, SNAFU! can supply a sound system, however, an additional 1/2 hour is required for setting up.

Travel Costs:  Number of Bags and Weight

SNAFU! tours with 5 checked pieces when traveling by air.  4 of the 5 checked pieces are 50 pound pieces.  1 of the 5 weighs under 70 pounds and is considered oversize luggage.