In the spirit of the great comedy teams of the past, two of Maine’s premiere international variety performers are bringing their contemporary comedy show to the Southside Cultural Center in Providence, Rhode Island on July 26 at 8 PM and July 27 at 9 PM.  For more information, click here.


TAKE A PLUNGE Remastered

Last summer SNAFU! presented TAKE A PLUNGE at the Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris, Maine.  Recently, we went in and updated the edit, fixing exposures and color correcting.  This version is fun with great audience response.  It’s evolved since with a full soundtrack behind all the graphics.  TAKE A PLUNGE was an early creation from Lee back in the days when he apprenticed with Tony Montanaro and toured with New England New Vaudeville Revue.


Here at SNAFU!, we were so inspired by David Bowie’s music. We just created a brand new piece for New Year’s Eve. It didn’t feel like a duo piece at all. It felt like a trio and we’re sure David would have totally loved it. For sure, he was from some other world. That’s what we loved so much about him.

NEST Funding


Good news. SNAFU! is now eligible for NEST Funding through the New England Foundation for the Arts. Non-Profit Presenters in New England outside of the state of Maine may be eligible for up to 50% of artist fees. For more information, visit

A Taste of Cheese

“ONE TAKES” are SNAFU comedy shorts which are shot in JUST ONE TAKE.  The actor prepares the scene, the props, the character, and rehearses.  But when the camera rolls, it’s “do-or-die.”  Here’s Wally in “A Taste of Cheese.”