Maine residents Michael Menes and Leland Faulkner both have made their livelihoods as professional variety entertainers and are both well established solo artists.  Michael and Lelands’ paths first crossed back in the 1980’s when the two first met at a world-renowned school for physical theater in Maine called the Celebration Barn. At “The Barn” the two studied mime, improvisation, theater, and comedy under the direction of Tony Montanaro, a smart fella who inspired lots of folks.  About a million years later they got together for improv sessions and began developing a new touring show with an emphasis on physical comedy.

About Michael.  Michael Menes is a visual performer who creates a perfectly blended mix of expert juggling, eccentric comedy, and evocative variety suitable for all ages. His performances feature exquisite juggling, mind- boggling physical illusions, skillful acts of balance, the fine art of t-shirt manipulation, the amazing Chinese yo-yo, and the mesmerizing UV pyramids. A juggler for 30+ years, Michael has performed all over the world in festivals, theaters, conventions, cruise ships, galas, TV shows, schools, colleges, and the occasional casino showroom. He’s appeared on CIRQUE du SOLEIL’s Solstrom Series, JUST FOR LAUGHS Comedy Festival, “Le Grande Cabaret du Mode” (French TV), Traumspiede Varieté (Germany), The Olympic Arts Festival, and The Kennedy Center. Michael built and runs a private arts/workshop retreat facility in rural Maine called “Eureka.”

About Leland.  Leland Faulkner is a character actor, magician, and a mime artist. Early in his career he worked with Affiliate Artists as a corporate arts liaison in communities throughout the United States. For many years he partnered, toured, and taught with master mime Tony Montanaro, and was the artistic director of Celebration Barn in South Paris, Maine. He has also created original content and special effects, most notably, as an artist/consultant to the major motion picture, The Polar Express. His theatre work has had him featured at Arts Carnival in Hong Kong, The Ojai Storytelling Festival in California, the Equitable Center in New York City, a tour of Japan, a month long, multi- city tour of China with the Wuqiao Circus Festival in 2011, and Russia at the Ivhesk International Circus Festival in 2012.

Personal Contacts

Michael Menes

michael {at} snafucomedy.com

Personal Website:  www.michaelmenes.com


Leland Faulkner

leland {at} snafucomedy.com

Personal Website:  www.lelandfaulkner.com