Situation Normal until the arrival of
Michael Menes and Leland Faulkner, and then
the world gets turned on its ear.
Outrageous sketch comedy, slapstick, hilarious characters,
awesome juggling, crazy gags, and mind-boggling magic.

* * * * *

In the tradition of the classic American comedy teams
like Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy,
and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, SNAFU! is a collection of
innovative comedy conceived by one of the most
dynamic and creative duets in the business.
Guaranteed to tickle audiences of all ages and nationalities,
SNAFU! crosses cultural boundaries and touches the universal funny bone.
What can-go-wrong-WILL! as these “Masters of the Ridiculous”
explore a collection of comedic props, physical gags, and imaginative illusions.
Suitable for all ages, the performance also includes
masterful hand shadows, superb juggling acts,
and memorable audience participation.

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* * *
“Snafu’s understanding of comic performing is impressive!”

-Chris Wang, Producer, AEMI International Clown & Comedy Festivals, Shanghai, CHINA

* * *

“A well deserved standing ovation by an appreciative audience.

-Scot Grassette, 49 Franklin Auditorium, Rumford, Maine, USA

* * *

“If I was a woman, I’d go for them!

-Topper Martin, Genius of the Gentleman Comedy Jugglers, SWEDEN

* * *